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 shinrin-yoku:  the medicine of being in the forest 

The Japanese term Shinrin-Yoku roughly translates into "forest bathing" or immersing in the medicine of the forest.

Finger Lakes Forest Immersion walks and retreats are based on Shinrin-Yoku, a guided practice to access the peace, vitality, creativity and renewal of the forest.

Whether you are in Nature all the time or are reluctant to walk in the wild alone, on a Shinrin-Yoku Forest Immersion walk you will be skillfully guided into a gentle, enjoyable, full sensory experience of our natural world.  Your mind can rest as you sink into invitations that engage your senses...taking in the images, sounds, aromas, breath, touch and wisdom of the forest.  Insights received are often profound.  Walks are concluded with a tea ceremony of wild, forest plants.

​Forest Immersion walks are not only effective but FUN!  3 hours is optimal and can be customized to your needs. 

Walks can be scheduled in the city, suburbs, the stunning Bristol Hills and at ADA accessible trails too.

​We offer walks for individuals, families, organizational and corporate leadership and wellness programs, staff development, outdoor recreation, conservation clubs, those living with or recovering from illness or disability, caregivers and anyone who feels drawn to come.


​Finger Lakes Forest Immersion is inspired by the vision of a health care system that incorporates healthful, gentle visits to forests as a core strategy for wellness.  

Today Japan has over 60 official Forest Bathing sites and countless shinrin-yoku retreats, forest healing centers and programs. South Korea is now the global leader in forest healing, offering programs for such specific populations as  firefighters with PTSD, school bullies, cancer survivors, and pregnant women.  In Finland, public health officials now recommend that citizens get 5 hours a month, minimum, in the woods, in order to stave off depression.  

Florence Williams, author of "The Nature Fix"  explains that "the nature pyramid is the idea that nature is something we experience every day. One of the things we’re recognizing is that, like other medicines, nature follows a dose curve. A little bit of nature is helpful; a little more nature is even more helpful. If we think about how to access a little bit of nature in our daily lives, that’s a great start.  Try growing house plants, going for walks on tree-lined streets, as you move further up the scale, making an effort, maybe once a month, to go to a nature preserve or park outside the city. We are so fortunate in America. We have these incredible wilderness spaces and national parks, and science is showing that when we spend time in those spaces, it can be tremendously helpful for our sense of self, problem solving, social bonding, and rites of passage."

Our Certified Forest Therapy Guides bring a lifetime of nature connection and extensive guiding skills to your Shinrin-Yoku Forest Immersion experience.   

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Williams, Florence. "We Are Wired To Be Outside." Interview by Simon Worrall., National Geographic Partners, 12 Feb. 2017,
     Accessed 6 Feb. 2018.  


Clear your calendar, open your mind and just be for a while.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!.

                 - Sarah

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