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Shimmering Light Farm, Naples, NY

July 27th- July 29th, 2018

Crave a break from adulting?  Ready to revive childhood joy?

Come play with us and learn ancestral skills at the same time.

Choose your pleasure in each moment. You can…

– Build a fort (or a serious weather-proof shelter)
– Take a nap
– Make dandelion pie (and forage more wild edibles and teas)
– Howl at the Full Moon
– Sleep under the stars, or in your fort (or in a cozy indoor bed)
– Make your own rope or basket
– Play with fire (make a 1 match fire – and cook our wild harvest)
– Lollygag in a gully… find turtle stones
– Float under a waterfall
– En Joy!

This weekend forest immersion will weave these childhood passions together with ancestral survival skills and a Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing experience. All activities are invitations. Do what you feel like doing and happily ignore the rest (like you did when Mom was calling you in for dinner :) )

All the details and Registration HERE!

A Solo Retreat to Nature, Stillness & Horses
Slow down, be still and renew.

Mountain Horse Farm, Naples, NY


July 31st -  August 3rd, 2018

When was the last time you were by yourself, being still, in a quiet, beautiful place with wildflowers, the forest and graceful horses? 


Come indulge yourself at Mountain Horse Farm​​ for this inspiring three-night, all-inclusive retreat.  Tune into your intuition and heart's desire. Immerse yourself in the forest with an profound Forest Bathing session. and without riding, spend time with the graceful and sensitive horses in our horse sanctuary. Ground yourself with a relaxing massage or one of our specialty acupressure massages and discover your creativity by making a bracelet with the colors of your life and more!

Facilitated by Suzanne Vullers, Tina Albright-Menna and

Deborah Denome of Finger Lakes Forest Therapy


​Relax - Focus - Be present

Mountain Horse Farm, Naples, NY

August 7th - 10th, 2018

​Do you wish to be more relaxed and live in the moment, without worrying about the past or what lies ahead?


Would you like to learn how to focus on what is happening right Now? 


Then join us at Mountain Horse Farm for this all inclusive Mindfulness Retreat and go from mind-full to Mindful!


Savor four inspirational days filled with relaxation, focus, living in the moment, nature, creativity, fun & laughter, horses and evening bonfires. Without riding, spend time with the horses in our horse sanctuary, using all your senses. Ground yourself with a relaxing massage or one of our specialty acupressure massages. Immerse yourself in the forest with Deb Denome of Finger Lakes Forest Therapy and participate in various invitations to relax, focus and be present.


Facilitated by Suzanne Vullers, Tina Albright-Menna and

Deborah Denome of Finger Lakes Forest Therapy


Utah Canyon Quest

April 6 - April 14, 2018


email us to be added to a

waiting list for the next one!


Namaste Dear Seeker,


Do you yearn for more peace in your soul?


Looking to deepen the stillness and quiet?


We would love to share this journey with you. Join us for this special time to reflect, experience and immerse in Utah's exquisite canyons.


“The desert. When the sun came up…I couldn’t tell where Heaven stopped and the Earth began. “– Forrest Gump


Deb Denome and Rick French


Finger Lake Forest Therapy and Pack, Paddle, Ski, Inc.




  • Desert immersion in one of the most beautiful and secluded places in the world

  • Guided Forest Therapy (desert forest? well, there are some trees, but nature is our therapist either way) Experience

  • Gentle descent into our souls

  • Small intimate group

  • Deep connection with nature

  • Thousands of year old Native American petroglyphs, pictographs and sites




Journey deep into Nature as our sweet guide and muse, mirroring to us our own True Nature.


Immerse in our senses as we explore and bask in the exquisite beauty of the desert and canyons. Open to the infinite support of the landscape, the heat of the sun, cool, clear water, wind etched sandstone, luminous sky and stars. Drop into awe, wonder, inspiration, vision and mystery...


Each day will include guided invitations to individually sink deeper into our senses and our unique rhythms and relationships with the more-than-human world. Boundaries between self and nature will soften into fluid spaciousness.

We will reconnect through council circles, weaving our collective experience into an expanding relationship with one another and All That Is.




Camping in remote desert places with vehicle support. Easy overnight backpack with 30 lb pack, up to 3 miles, or 2 hours of walking. Day hiking at a reflective pace of up to 6 miles max or 6 hours (usually less). Uneven and remote terrain. Tent camping near truck. On the immersions, under the stars with overhangs or tarps for our protection.

Call us if you are not sure about your conditioning.


Click here or paste into browser to see map of area,+utah/@38.2362237,-110.5774669,11z


Trip starts and ends (meets) in Salt Lake City.

“Wild Places Pierce our Heart and Open us to an intimate Dance”

For Detailed Itinerary, services, accommodations, pricing, and policies please contact  Pack Paddle Ski or Finger Lakes Forest Therapy

We love talking about this trip!

 (585) 346-5597 or or Finger Lakes Forest Therapy at 585-412-5550


Pack Paddle Ski Corp.

6237 South Lima Rd - Livonia, New York 14487

(585) 346-5597


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