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 shinrin-yoku:  the medicine of being in the forest

Epidemic levels of workplace stress in the U.S. alone are estimated to cost employers over $300 billion annually as a result of:

   ~   Employee Turnover

   ~   Absenteeism 

   ~   Accidents

   ~   Diminished productivity  

   ~   Direct medical, legal, and insurance costs

   ~   Workers’ compensation awards

Most of us want to feel energized, inspired, creative, connected and fulfilled at work!

The #1 quality employers are seeking is Innovation and nature connection dramatically expands our ability to think creatively.  

Forest Therapy is a powerful, proven practice for reducing stress, improving health, inspiring creativity, and feeling connected.   Check out these recent articles in the Harvard Business Review and Inc. Magazine.

Forest Therapy can be integrated with Corporate Leadership Training/Retreats, Wellness Days, Staff Development, Recreational Activities and more.

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