shinrin-yoku:  the medicine of being in the forest 

RISE ABOVE Forest Immersion

Sunday, November 8th, 1-4PM

Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill, Naples

Dear Forest Friends,

High elevations and vast vistas gift us with a broader perspective during tumultuous times.  Humans need nature now, more than ever, to find our balance and to learn from our other-than-human kin how live with resilience, interdependence, creativity and vitality.  

This form of nature connection has been shown to help:

-  Reduce stress

-  Boost mood

-  Stimulate the immune system

 - Improve sleep

-  Increase the ability to focus, even in people with ADHD

-  Accelerate recovery from surgery or illness

 - Increase energy levels

-  Inspire more innovative thoughts and superior decision making

-  Engender a sense of belonging and purpose

-  Inspire reciprocity in caring for the Earth as the Earth cares for us.

What better time than now with this gift of Summer in November!

We will be immersing in the highest public point in the Finger Lakes, Gannett Hill Park, 3 miles south of Bristol Mountain.  The views are breathtaking; it is a stunning ADA accessible trail.  SPACE IS LIMITED. Camp stools are available if desired.


Forest Immersion is about slowing down and tuning into our senses and the natural world.  In this space we can more readily hear guidance from our own True Nature in navigating this transformational time. 

Right now we are offering Forest Immersion In-Person walks for Private Groups and Individuals and...

We are also offering Forest Immersion over the phone.  Sounds strange but folks are finding it strangely powerful.  You can be in your own yard or nearby park  (or even window) and we can be guiding you in deepening your connecting with your local home land. 

Join us in savoring the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, touch and wisdom of nature for our peace of mind, physical vitality, resiliency and reciprocity!  We offer a series of guided invitations for noticing our place in the world and the other beings around us. When we share together what we are noticing, we expand our awareness of how powerful and generous and wise and supportive our sweet Earth really is. We fall deeper in love and, friends, who doesn't need more love in their life?! 

It will be wonderful if you can be outdoors but nature will provide abundant goodness wherever you are. Again, if you can only be in your home and connecting through a window, that is wonder-full too.

We typically limit Phone Forest Immersions to one hour.  In a private phone session you can also set your own intention for the immersion and any guidance you are seeking from the natural world.  The Earth is truly the most gifted therapist and the Guide is skilled in opening the door and co-creating a receptive environment with you.

PLEASE CLICK BELOW to request more information on a:

INDIVIDUAL Live or Phone Forest Immersion

GROUP Live or Phone Forest Immersion

May the Forest Be With You Soon!



“This was a new way to experience the forest that is healing and life changing. You will never walk in the woods the same way again! You can be healed by the forest. The connection and the peace were beyond words. The world would be a much more peaceful place if the whole world were taught how to do this.” - Forest Bathing participant, Bani Aello

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