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 shinrin-yoku:  the medicine of being in the forest 


Well, if we needed anyone to tell us, the World Health Organization has named Stress as the health epidemic of the 21st century. 

Fortunately the antidote is right outside our doors, melded into our DNA.  Science is affirming what many already sense; we need direct nature connection not only in order to survive as a species but to thrive as individuals now. 

JOIN US for a totally unique immersion in our local forests based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku aka Forest Bathing (fully clothed!).   



“This was a new way to experience the forest that is healing and life changing. You will never walk in the woods the same way again!"  -Bani Aello, participant


We desire to make deep nature connection more accessible and inclusive of those who are experiencing financial hardship or

those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx or have been otherwise racialized.   If this applies to you, please decide what you can afford to pay and input your own payment amount on the registration form. 


Savor the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, touch and wisdom of nature for peace of mind, physical vitality, resilience and reciprocity.  We will offer a series of guided invitations for noticing our place in the world and the other beings around us. When we share together what we are noticing, we expand our awareness of how powerful and generous and wise and supportive our sweet Earth really is. We fall deeper in love and, friends, who doesn't need a little more love in their life right about now?! 

The Earth is truly the consummate inspiration, healer, muse and more.  As Guides, we are skilled in opening the door and co-creating a supportive, receptive, sensory experience with you.

This form of nature connection has been shown to help:

-  Reduce stress

-  Boost mood

-  Stimulate the immune system

 - Improve sleep

-  Increase the ability to focus, even in people with ADHD

-  Accelerate recovery from surgery or illness

 - Increase energy levels

-  Inspire more innovative thoughts and superior decision making

-  Engender a sense of belonging and purpose

-  Inspire reciprocity in caring for the Earth as the Earth cares for us.


In-Person Forest Immersion walks for Individuals and Small Groups .




May the Forest Be With You Soon!


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