shinrin-yoku:  the medicine of being in the forest 

Wood Wide Web Forest Bathing
Thursday, March 26th, from 3-5PM ET

Dear Forest Friends,

We truly hope this finds you all healthy and safe during this very challenging time.  For us, we need nature more than ever to keep our balance, and we would like to support you in the same. 

Just last year we enjoyed the meme, "There's no wifi in the forest, but we promise you will find a better connection."

Well, the times they are a'changin'.  If there is wifi or cell service/data in your home or yard you can now savor the benefit of both!

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 26th, we will host our first remote forest bathing immersion from 3-5pm EDT. (Yes, 2 hours. People never want it to end, but you can quietly pop out if you need to.)

The weather tomorrow looks stellar. Join us in solitude and in solidarity with one another and the larger than human world. Nature has our back, even at the times when we don't exactly have hers.

If you only have a nature connection from your porch or through a window, you can benefit!

Forest bathing is about slowing down and tuning into our senses and the natural world. Join us in savoring the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, touch and wisdom of nature for our peace of mind, physical vitality, resiliency and reciprocity! We will be offering a series of guided invitations for noticing our place in the world and the other beings around us. When we share together what we are noticing, we expand our awareness of how powerful and generous and stabilizing our sweet Earth really is. We fall deeper in love and, friends, we protect what we love.

It will be wonderful if you can be outdoors but nature will provide abundant goodness wherever you are. Again, if you can only be in your home and connecting through a window, that is wonder-full too.

This is offered to all free of charge. Since the majority of our livelihood has dried up along with so many others, IF you are in a position to make a donation in any amount that will be much appreciated. Offerings can be made via PayPal to All are welcome regardless!



1. Download Zoom App to your phone - (You can also use Zoom on your laptop or tablet if necessary/preferred)

2. Find a place in nature near where you are. If you can't be in nature, anywhere in your home or porch/balcony, or if you can be near a window that is great. A place that feels good to you and where you can feel safe and warm for 2 hours.

3. At the time of the walk use this link:

You can sign in with video or just audio, your choice. ** Please MUTE yourself until we are invited to share. **

4. Make sure you have good reception, preferably headphones (though not necessary) and that your phone is charged so that you have enough battery for the whole walk (2 hours).


Thursday, March 26th, 3-5pm ET


- Deb Denome, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, will be in nature and will guide the "walk". She will be live on her phone, on our Zoom account that can host up to 100 participants.

- You can join digitally from anywhere in the world.

- If you have headphones, you can have one headphone in your ear, listening to Deb's guiding and the other ear listening to what is around you.

- Before the walk commences, Deb will offer clear invitations about how to participate.

Many thanks to our colleague @Marie Carmo Geeta Stillwell for her support.

We look forward to being together tomorrow!!

If you have any questions you can contact Deb directly at 585-412-5550.


If this works well for folks, we will schedule more.

BE WELL, Forest Fam!!!





“This was a new way to experience the forest that is healing and life changing. You will never walk in the woods the same way again! You can be healed by the forest. The connection and the peace were beyond words. The world would be a much more peaceful place if the whole world were taught how to do this.” - Forest Bathing participant, Bani Aello

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