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“Learning about the natural world is one thing. Learning from the natural world—that’s the switch. That’s the profound switch.”             

                             -Janine Benyus, Biomimicry Institute

The number one quality employers are looking for in employees is Innovation, just as many people are looking for more creative solutions to their everyday life challenges.  Forest Immersion and exposure to natural environments dramatically improve our ability to think expansively and make superior decisions.

Researchers have discovered that biomimicry - contemplating and emulating nature’s designs - expands our innovative potential.  Nature provides countless examples of ingenuity and problem solving that can be applied to workplace situations.  Our participants often experience pivotal “A-ha” moments while on one of our walks.

Even short immersions in nature decrease mental fatigue and confusion, and enhance cognition and our ability to focus, increase clarity and creativity, connect us to our intuition and enhance our problem-solving capability.  

"It sounds weird, but I got totally entranced watching a spider spin a web and suddenly a powerful insight came to me.  Something I had struggled with for a long time became completely clear!"    - Karen S. participant

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