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 Why we do what we do...

people, Planet and Profit

Finger Lakes Forest Immersion offers Shinrin-Yoku inspired Forest walks and retreats in the Finger Lakes region of New York.   Our business and our Certified Forest Therapy Guides are committed to social and environmental responsibility.  We measure the success of our business in returns to People, the Planet and Profit.

People:  Primarily, walk participants are supported on their path to wellness, peace and happiness...enabling us to live more healthy, conscious and fulfilling lives.  Secondarily, those who can are invited to "pay it forward" by contributing to our scholarship fund that enables us to offer walks to those without the ability to pay. 

Planet:  "People Protect What They Love" - Jacques Cousteau

Forest Therapy deepens our connection, and yes, our Love for the natural world.  When we as human beings expand our relationship with "other beings" in Nature, we become acutely aware of how our own actions affect everything else in this incredible place we call home.  We are more likely to be conscious and respectful stewards of our private and public lands.

Profit:  We are committed to making a living in an honorable way that supports our community and environment.  Part of this is supporting ourselves in a sustainable livelihood that cares for our families and our own homes and lands in regenerative ways...enabling us to model this form of sustainable business for the larger community.   

Finger Lakes Forest Therapy Guides are certified by the international Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.  Check out the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs below...

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