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~ remembering your true nature ~

February 20th, 9:30 - 3:30

An experiential at-home retreat!

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Instead of carrying the world on your shoulders,

what if the planet is carrying you?

- adapted from Vandana Shiva


  • Are you like so many of us who often feel burdened by the heavy weight of everything going on in our world, our community, our workplaces and our homes?

  • Does it sometimes limit your experience of the goodness and creativity of Life and your Work in the world?

  • Would you like to learn new, research-based practices for tuning into the infinite support of our Earth and tapping your innate resilience so you can live and lead with vitality and connection?

Join other open-hearted women for a nurturing, perspective-changing day of immersion.


During this at-home development day you will experience the support of our natural world, each other and your own inner resources. Let’s gather and allow the Earth to guide us in what nature knows so well, how to adapt in the face of continuing challenges. 


Learn simple and profound practices based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) that have been shown to reduce stress, enhance immune response, improve and stabilize mood, sharpen cognition, increase creativity, engender a sense of adaptability, and more.  All this is waiting…just outside your door. 


Life & Leadership Coach, Kristen Fragnoli and Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Deborah Denome, will combine their passions for Resilience and Nature Connection in a fresh, new, evidence-based approach to allowing ourselves to be supported during these transformative times. 


This workshop invites you to reflect, write, share and step out into nature so that you can connect with your natural inner resilience. This day of development will equip you to step back into your life and work with a renewed sense of calm, purpose and connection.




WHEN:  Saturday, February 20th,  9:30 am - 3:30 pm

WHERE:  We will begin and end the day together on Zoom and incorporate guided off-screen time outdoors and in your own home.

COST:  Sliding Scale $91, $121, or $151. Those able to contribute more are paying it forward for others. Thank you!




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Our species evolved in forests. We spent the first several million years of our existence in them. Then, a couple of millennia ago - in evolutionary time scale, about 24 hours ago - our adventurous spirits inspired a global exploration. Four hours ago we invented cities. Two hours ago we became industrialized civilizations. Now, suddenly, while our genes are still living in the forest and fields, our bodies live in the busy, stressful conditions of modern civilization. 


Reconnecting with our natural habitat, even for 20 minutes a day, has been empirically demonstrated to be an antidote, through 30 years of research in Japan and elsewhere.  


Join us in experiencing a different way of connecting and receiving sustenance and wisdom directly from the Earth and one another!

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Past Events...

Wild Ireland

Summer Solstice

June 18 – 26, 2019


​May the nourishment of the earth be yours,

May the clarity of light be yours,

May the fluency of the ocean be yours,

May the protection of the ancestors be yours.


And so may a slow

Wind work these words

Of love around you,

An invisible cloak

To mind your life.


                                                                                                ~  John O’Donohue


Join us for this women's retreat, exploring the stunningly beautiful, wild places - not only of Ireland, but within ourselves.  Remembering more of our ancient, whole, feral connection with Earth and all her beings…and how that informs and inspires our lives and our calling in the world today.  We will immerse in Forest Bathing and other Nature Therapy practices as a medium for strengthening our remembering and relationship with the rest of life, all her creatures, plants, stones, trees, earth, stars, our fellow humans and more.  We will also weave in Creative and Therapeutic writing as we discover more of our wild nature, and how that is calling to become manifest in our lives in these changing times!

John Moriarty the Irish philosopher-poet said, to be Wild is

 "to not be dominated and overwhelmed by who you sociologically are".


Base Location  Dancing Moonlight, is a 30 minute drive North-West of Galway City, and a half hour from both the sea and mountains. Dancing Moonlight is located in a hundreds of years old stone built village, Oakfield, Oldchapel, County Galway.  Oakfield is part of a gentle mosiac landscape of native Hazel woodlands and cow pastures, near the shores of Lough Corrib in the Southern wooded fringes of Connemara. The facilities at Dancing Moonlight include the DreamLodge, a Yurt, bell tents, a tipi, greenhouse and the surrounding wildlands and fields.

Lodging   We will be blessed with glamping under the summer solstice sun and moon in the Tipi and Bell Tents, mattresses and linens provided.   The Greenhouse has a fire bowl and seating area for morning or late evening meals and chats.  The DreamLodge is a round straw-bale building with a grass roof, with all natural plaster and paint finishes, inspired by the sanctuaries at Findhorn in Northern Scotland.  It is for all activities that enter the dreamtime, that place that exists beyond time and the physical, be it meditation, story-telling, dancing, ceremony or other practices of deep listening. 

Learn more about Dancing Moonlight HERE!


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Possible Activities/Excursions

~   Ferry day-trip to Aran Islands – The westernmost outpost of Europe, with rugged, breathtaking scenery and locals who still live a traditional Irish lifestyle (perhaps the most primitive in Europe) with Irish Gaelic as their primary language.  Ancient sites from the Neolithic through the Medieval Period.   “ONE OF THE WORLD’S TOP ISLAND DESTINATIONS.  That this feeling, this authenticity, has survived the modern world is nothing short of miraculous” – National Geographic


~  Day trip to Uisneach, the ancient sacred heart of Ireland where in the time of High Kings the four provinces would come together to light the Beltaine fire.  Uisneach stands at a breathtaking high point where one can look out into the four directions of Ireland, and see the distant hills from where the fire was seen and fires were lit in response. The site contains the ancient "cat stone' that is said to be the belly button of the goddess/land of Eriu and is a portal into the different levels of reality.


~  Forest bathing and swimming nearby in Lough Corrib


~  Summer solstice ritual at Great Grange Stone Circle on Lough Gur.  People have been gathering for millennia to celebrate the solstices at this largest stone circle in the British Isles.  Savor the longest day forest bathing, picnicking, and swimming on Lough Gur.

~   Day trip to Connemara, the Irish landscape at its most dramatic. With soaring mountains, scattered loughs and an intricate coastline, this remote part of Galway is a world away from the trappings of urban life.  We can visit the only fjord in Ireland and savor seaweed mineral baths. :)


~   Day at Dancing Moonlight, listening to the Earth and our Spirits (activity options below):

  • A day of deep nature connection with Sky-Maria Buttenhuis, our host at Dancing Moonlight, the owner of EarthDreaming ( and Co-Founder of the Global Institute of Forest Therapy. 

  • A 90 min yoga class (either restorative with Aisling Richmond or Hatha/Iyengar with Deirdre O'Toole)

  • Lomi lomi massage and/or Plant Spirit Medicine sessions with Anna Drews, a clinical herbalist at the Dublin Wellness Centre 

  • A creative writing session (especially designed in consultation with the group) with Dave Rock


Walking levels will be easy/moderate.  We will be staying at Dancing Moonlight and taking day trips from there. 

Trip Guide is Deborah Denome, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Horticultural Therapist, Herbalist and lover of the Earth.   Deb’s greatest passion is providing opportunities for people to deepen their connection with the Earth, each other and their own True Nature.  Host is Sky Buttenhuis (see above).

Cost for the trip is $1,250.  Trip cost includes all transportation once in Ireland, 7 nights lodging and all on-site meals at Dancing Moonlight, day excursions, forest therapy and therapeutic writing activities.


Trip cost does not include airfare, trip insurance (recommended), meals enroute to/from Ireland, personal/medical expenses. optional massage or plant spirit sessions, off-site meals & snacks, alcohol.





Airfare is not included.  We encourage you to book your flights soon to save on travel costs.  We plan to take overnight flights on Tuesday night, June 18th, arriving in Shannon Airport, County Clare, between 7am and 10am Wednesday morning, June 19th.  Please plan accordingly so we can meet at the airport and drive to Dancing Moonlight together. 

Trip Insurance  and health insurance that covers you in Ireland is highly recommended to cover costs associated with last minute cancellations or any unforeseen circumstances.   We encourage you to research on your own and choose the best option for you, however, below are two travel insurance options to get your started.​

Allianz,                        World Nomads,

Refund Policy

We understand that you may have registered well in advance of your trip.  We appreciate that work schedules and plans may change and unforeseen emergencies do occur.  Therefore, we have established the refund policy below to try to fairly accommodate such eventualities and yet maintain quality retreats.  Please realize that once you have registered for a retreat, we immediately incur expenses on your behalf. Because many people start planning longer trips well in advance, it can be difficult to fill an empty spot late in the game.

In order to receive a refund for a retreat, you will need to submit a written notice of cancellation.  Your refund comes from your travel insurance. If you elected not to take travel insurance there is no refund.  We highly recommend trip insurance...the cost is very reasonable and gives you invaluable peace of mind!!


UNLEASH - Find Your Wild Side

Women's Retreat


October 8 -11, 2019

Mountain Horse Farm, Naples, NY


Does it sometimes feel like you are living one foot in front of the other? Though life can be hectic, do you feel tied to routines or patterns that limit your fulfillment and joy? 


Are you craving a little adventure ~ a little adrenaline ~ a little safe-risk to mix it up a bit, be at your edge and discover new creativity and strengths?


As a woman who takes control of her own life, is it time to step out of the everyday and unleash your Wild Side? 


Come stretch your boundaries. Join with other wild women as we identify our scary edges, access our courage and discover new strengths to transform vulnerabilities into powerful allies for our lives. You know, find our own inner Nordic Goddess Freyja!


In a small group (maximum 10 women) in the glorious Fall colors of the hills of New York’s Finger Lakes, we will be at the all-inclusive, gorgeous Mountain Horse Farm.

Find all the glorious Details HERE!

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