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This year's Black History month theme is Black Family.  Bring a Black History or Black nature connection fact to share.  All February immersions are free for Black, Indigenous and People of Color with financial needs who would not otherwise be able to attend.  Just enter $0 in Pay Pal and choose "off-line payment".

February 14th, LOVE YOUR HOME LAND, 1-2:30pm

Let Mother Earth be your Valentine for a day!  See what love you and your own yard or neighborhood can celebrate together!  What a great gift to share with a beloved friend or family member.  :)

February 27th, FULL MOON, 6:30-8pm 

Nothing quite like the luminous glow of a full moon on the winter snow!  Bundle up in warm layers and soak it in, baby.  :)

Nature Immersion by phone might sound strange but folks are finding it strangely powerful.  You can be in your own yard or nearby park  (or even window) and we will guide you in deepening your connection with your local home land and the beings who share your natural habitat. 

Upon registration you will receive a Conference Call number to join the event.   The immersion will last 1.5 hours.    Wear more layers than you think you will need so you can be toasty warm, slowing down and enjoying your land and wild companions.  Maybe bring a thermos of tea or hot cocoa out with you!  :)  Ear buds are great, but not necessary...listen to the Guide in one ear and leave the other free to hear the wild ones.

Savor the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, touch and wisdom of nature for our peace of mind, physical vitality, resilience and reciprocity.  We will offer a series of guided invitations for noticing our place in the world and the other beings around us. When we share together what we are noticing, we expand our awareness of how powerful and generous and wise and supportive our sweet Earth really is. We fall deeper in love and, friends, who doesn't need a little more love in their life right about now?! 

It will be wonderful if you can be outdoors but nature will provide abundant goodness wherever you are. Again, if you can only be in your home and connecting through a window, that is wonder-full too.  If you are indoors, lighting a candle and/or burning incense or smelling an essential oil can add to the experience.

The Earth is truly the consummate inspiration, healer, muse and more.  As Guides, we are skilled in opening the door and co-creating a supportive, receptive, sensory experience with you.

This form of nature connection has been shown to help:

-  Reduce stress

-  Boost mood

-  Stimulate the immune system

 - Improve sleep

-  Increase the ability to focus, even in people with ADHD

-  Accelerate recovery from surgery or illness

 - Increase energy levels

-  Inspire more innovative thoughts and superior decision making

-  Engender a sense of belonging and purpose

-  Inspire reciprocity in caring for the Earth as the Earth cares for us.

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